Releasing the new Happy-CSS

Hello there! I finally moved from WordPress to ProcessWire and I'm very excited to show you a new slew of lessons. They are all dedicated to webdevelopment with no-BS tools.

Martin Muzatko Written by Martin Muzatko

Currently I'm working on lessons dedicated to #riot 12 - a brilliant Javascript Frontend UI Library. With both easy tools and the right mindset, you can develop that game you always wanted to create, but never had the time to dive into complicated software and doing everything vanilla just takes too long because some stupid Eventhandling gets in your way - urgh!. Or maybe you could finally create that App, that is not only useful for you, but also your customers. When there are no more barriers to stop you from doing, you can accomplish what you aim for.

If you love to see more or some other kind of lessons you need in order to develop something you wanted - please let me know in the comments below. I'll do whatever possible to show you that there is a way.

Note: All old articles can be found in #old-happy-css 2 - although I deleted most of the old content that was not quite worth to be here. Please let me know if you are missing something.

How do you build re-usable interactive webcomponents without wasting your precious time bending the DOM to your needs? Get my latest content about building front-end web-apps delivered directly to your inbox and get free code samples for all the components I create.

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