About Martin Muzatko

Hello! I'm a self-thaught front-end developer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Through years of learning different languages, software and architectures on my own, I'm here to show you that with the right mindset, you can learn anything you love to.


Hello there! Below you can see the technologies I am using for my projects and the experience I have gained through years of development.

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Semantic & accessible HTML

I enjoy writing HTML that is designed for both humans and robots. I'm always eager to implement the latest specifications for modern browsers, while keeping an eye on backwards-compatibilty and accessibility with the way-aria standard.

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Crafting thoroughly architected re-usable styles for components is important to me. I'm fine using Less or Sass together with PostCSS. I love documenting my styles using a living styleguide generator such as KSS.

Interactive UI

I love create enticing non-blocking user experiences with the libraries I rely on. I prefer to use RiotJS as a UI library to create my components. However, I also used Angular on some company projects and I'm getting to know React with Redux right now. I have a very good understanding of the DOM API and the underlying specification for the browser.

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Front-end Automation

Using webpack, I were able to boost my productivity in many areas. Once I started with module bundling, preprocessing, linting, codesplitting and minifying my sources, I were able to bypass a lot of manual labor.

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I do not write that much back-end PHP anymore, but it was the first language I was eager to learn. I worked with Yii2, Symfony and many other frameworks.


I am new to the JS on the back-end environment, but what I managed to create with it so far, is mind-boggling


I created a couple of JSON restful APIs using ProcessWire as back-end and Swagger to lay out the specification. I use this website as data back-end for the highscores of Unicore.

Content Management


Are you familiar with installing dozens of plugins to get the functionality the CMS itself should already have, just to end up with a front-end cluttered with different styles and a bumpy experience? If bending Wordpress to your will belongs to your scariest nightmares, you are happy to read that I have built many successful blogs, e-commerce sites and other website projects based on ProcessWire. Not only do I get the flexibility for all different types of content, I am capable to use the settings for my fields and pages on the front-end.

Content marketing

Content is the holiest entity, when it comes to building websites. For every word and sentence, I reason how that content will help to fix the readers problems and how it conveys the worldviews and values of that business.


I use Markdown for technical documentation for the open source projects I maintain. I used Atlassian Confluence to write large-scale documentation and Scroll Viewport to serve the documentation over beautiful front-ends like k15t.com or help.k15t.com.


Most believe, that SEO is a ritual to be better found by robots. SEO is only here to cater to us - the humans. Hence I prefer writing in a natural and personal style. While I use the jargon of the group I am writing for, I avoid cluttering everything with keywords. The required markup is one of the fundamental skills required to convey the content to both humans and robots. I prefer to implement standards such as opengraph and microformats.