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Hello there! A few months ago, I decided that I have to be more active in the community of web developers. Since then, I wanted to give talks about my favorite tools.

Martin Muzatko Written by Martin Muzatko

My first talk happened in Stuttgart, Germany - Javascript Meetup. Not only did I receive positive feedback, but also a couple of companies wanted to hire me just from sharing my knowledge with the public. Since then I work for K15t Software in Stuttgart, which gave me an awesome opportunity to learn new technology stacks and get into really awesome dev projects.

For the talk, I wasn't prepared at all, at least not the way I wanted to be. Hence I held a live coding session to showcase the power of RiotJs. Even with a few starting problems, it was interesting for everyone.

Later then, I decided to organize some slides to have a morning talk at the office of K15t. Which they loved.

Why talks?

Sharing knowledge is important. Not only for others but also for yourself. A meetup is the perfect place to get feedback for almost all aspects of your developer life. How to improve your talks and maybe even your developers experience. Having people to talk about the different approaches in a Q&A section does not only enlighten your audience but can also improve the way you see your own approach.

What I have learned

I think being more public about what you learn can really help others and yourself to broaden your horizon. I got to know different companies and what they do in order to accomplish their job.

Even though we all work for the internet, it is different to actually talk to the people, than reading the solutions for your problem online on stackoverflow or your favorite blog. You get to know new resources and new tools to become a better developer.

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