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A little off-topic Undertale tribute

Martin Muzatko Written by Martin Muzatko

Playing Undertale was some of the most inspirational things I did lately.

Undertale shows how big a difference you can do with only a few actions already. As much as the developer of the game may think that it is "just" a game after all. I certainly know that helping other people to change for the better doesn't take that much. I believe with this game, Tobyfox already made this planet a little better place.

It takes only little steps to show other people how software could turn out better to make their coding time more enjoyable.
It takes only a few minutes to show your friends that you enjoy the time with them, and it makes their day already that much better.

Giving is more powerful than taking

This remembers me of the time, when a friends little cousin wanted me to be part of his Halloween party and I spontaneously decided to go to another party. It broke his heart that I didn't find the time to spend the evening with my friends, him and his family. I thought to myself Making that little difference won't hurt, but it turned out, that he was really disappointed about it.

I realized that, as unimportant I thought I were to other people, being just part of other lives does make a great difference.

<script type="riot/tag"> <rain> <div class="rain align_center"> <div each=\{droplet in droplets\} style="animation-duration: \{(Math.random()*2)+0.5\}s; top: -\{random(20) | 0\}%; left: \{random(100) | 0\}%" class="droplet"></div> <a href=""> <img src="/site/assets/files/1068/undertale_umbrella-v1.png" alt=""> </a> </div> <style> .rain \{ background-color: #171054; width: 30em; position: relative; overflow: hidden; \} .rain .droplet \{ background: linear-gradient(to bottom, transparent, #2e20aa); width: 1%; height: 5%; border-radius: 100%; position: absolute; animation: rain 1.5s linear; animation-iteration-count: infinite; z-index: 1; \} .rain img \{ z-index: 2; position: relative; \} @keyframes rain \{ 100% \{ top: 100%; \} \} img \{ max-width: 100%; \} </style> this.droplets = 'x'.repeat(16).split('') this.random = function(val) \{ return Math.random() * val | 0 \} </rain> </script> <rain></rain>

Original Art belongs to Makameow

Giving just a little everyday, makes earth a better place.

Be the person you wish you had earlier

Yes, back then I wished I had someone to develop with me. Creating something together and learning through that. Instead, I realized I could be there for others. And thats what I'm doing from now on. Being there when friends need me with their coding challenges, and of course: writing posts that may or may not be of use some day for someone. I highly encourage you to do the same. As small steps as you can go, can already help other people to stay determined!

To quote Jeff Atwood from Codinghorror in his article about buying happiness:

Human beings are intensely social animals. Anything we can do with money to create deeper connections with other human beings tends to tighten our social connections and reinforce positive feelings about ourselves and others. Imagine ways you can spend some part of your money to help others – even in a very small way – and integrate that into your regular spending habits.

Well, it doesn't have to be money, I believe spending time is more significant.

What can you do today?

Write about your findings. If you have solved some of the many puzzles of coding (thats what I assume you do, when you read my blog), write! There are solutuons that only work for some people of course. Adding your solution to the great puzzle helps others to unfold more mysteries. Other than that *cough* you can write about the things you did today in the section below.


Yes, I may got a bit too carried away when I was writing this little off-topic post, but who doesn't after playing such a thoughtful, intense masterpiece.

All fanart belongs to their respective artists - linked on the image directly. Rain-Animation was done in Riot.

Stay determined Human!

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