Whats next for 2016?

A couple of lines before starting a fresh year. See my roadmap for next years plans.

Martin Muzatko Written by Martin Muzatko

Hello there fellow happy coders.

This year, I started to write about several topics, with most importantly Riot.

My personal Roadmap

Next year, I'd love to share even more lessons about RiotJS and other non-BS tools like ProcessWire. Usually things that help you to discover how easy certain problems are to solve. In meantime, during new years eve for you busy readers and lurkers, I got a couple of things prepared.

I'm starting to create some highly reusable mixins that help getting rid of writing usual logic over and over again. One of them is SelectableJS - enabling any list to be selected, filtered and counted on. You can check out the repository on Github.

Also I got a couple of demos ready, that I'll soon explain in more detail on RiotJS lessons.

Tiny spoiler: http://plnkr.co/edit/aXcb9HcLOTGvyCI9adnQ?p=preview

Regarding the book

A couple of weeks ago, Manning Publicacions contacted the main developer of RiotJS to have someone writing a Book. As you can see on Riots Github, they decided to phone several people including me, since I already wrote down my ideas in the issue.

Manning decided, after a few calls, that Riot is "not ready" for their market yet. So there will be no book anytime soon I guess. However, I will continue my lessons on Riot as usual with even more heart dedicated to the posts! So you can get the best out of my and especially your learning process for free.

Keeping on Track

Next year, I plan on setting up a tiny newsletter, which will serve as a more private club for answering your questions, keeping you up to date with tiny spoilers, so you get to see the articles/lessons before I publish them. Maybe even the drafts that I considered not worth your time. I'll publish more information about that next year.

Got any topics you'd love to see?

I want you to show the world how easy writing powerful webapps can be. Without worrying about complex stuff from the beginning on. I'm still actively participating in the Riot forums at least in topics I'm capable to help. If you got some topics or problems getting used to Riot, I do my best to cover them in my next post.

Until then, have a happy new year!

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