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Getting unstuck in webcomponents

Between evaluating a technology as useful and learning how to use that technology to actually solve problems can add up to a long time span. Especially when a technology is against your carefully arranged biases on how to craft websites.

Reusable Components - Observing Events

We are finally going to obtain the data in the picker and we upgrade our component with an Event-API. Many more awesome things happen when we combine our tag with other components.

Reusable Components - Reusable Features

We are going to implement a filtering feature and later we will turn that into a reusable mixin.

Reusable Components - Configuring Options

Options can be used for a lot more. We can accomplish a variety of usecases with just a few options. Keep a close eye, as we proceed at a faster pace.

Reusable Components - Introduction

Previous lesson, we turned a bunch of data, some events and a simple HTML layout into a working app. Now we are going to take that a step further and make it reusable.