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A form puts every front-end developer to a test. When you have to take care about the communicaton between client and server.

  • How is that data going to be processed?
  • Is there a REST API to work with?
  • How do you asynchronously validate that a user already exists?
  • How do you dynamically load new items when the user filters between a price range?

When you deal with forms, you have to assess a lot of information before you can even start. Wiring together data, template, 3rd party components and updates to make a form behave the way you want to takes a lot of effort.

In the articles below, you can learn how all that works. You can learn how to implement complex mechanisms to build effortless user experiences.

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Check username and email availability without a page refresh

Learn how to implement asynchronous form validation for your projects. This allows feedback before tedious forms are completed

Using noUiSlider as range slider to filter between two numbers

Do you know these fancy range sliders that can filter items with the blink of an eye? You move around a handle and get the desired results right away. In this article, you are going to learn how to implement a range slider to filter your data.

How to group together filter inputs to obtain and combine their values

When you want to filter a set of products or other lists, naturally you have to think how you could wire together the variety of filters. With this article, you will learn how you can retrieve the data and combine the values to filter your items in real-time.