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Setting up Riot

10. Lesson of RiotJS

In this first lesson you get to know how to enable Riot and write your first App.

Do something! - Working with Events

7. Lesson of RiotJS

Mastering Events is comparable to learning how a Spacerocket works inside out. Riot decided to rebel against this profession of event-wizardry and made it easy for everyone.

Reusable Components - Configuring Options

5. Lesson of RiotJS

Options can be used for a lot more. We can accomplish a variety of usecases with just a few options. Keep a close eye, as we proceed at a faster pace.

Reusable Components - Reusable Features

4. Lesson of RiotJS

We are going to implement a filtering feature and later we will turn that into a reusable mixin.

Reusable Components - Observing Events

3. Lesson of RiotJS

We are finally going to obtain the data in the picker and we upgrade our component with an Event-API. Many more awesome things happen when we combine our tag with other components.




My first game using a canvas. Made during a company hackathon.

Tag Lifecycle

1. Lesson of RiotJS

There are a few event listeners we can listen to. Here is what they do and how to react.

How to group together filter inputs to obtain and combine their values


When you want to filter a set of products or other lists, you usually run into many issues when wiring together the variety of filters. I show you how you can retrieve the data and combine the values to filter your items in real-time.