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Becoming a zombie

Do you find yourself losing track of time again? Without really knowing, a year passed. As day for day you continue your work, you had some random bursts of motivation, but you know that these kind of motivation spikes won't get you anywhere in the long term.

Updating the riot cheatsheet

It has been roughly a year since I created the riot cheatsheet. With the knowledge acquired by now, it is time to start from scratch. #news 4 #riot 12 #nodejs 2 #webpack 3

About being part of the community

Hello there! A few months ago, I decided that I have to be more active in the community of web developers. Since then, I wanted to give talks about my favorite tools.

Whats next for 2016?

A couple of lines before starting a fresh year. See my roadmap for next years plans.

Releasing the new Happy-CSS

Hello there! I finally moved from WordPress to ProcessWire and I'm very excited to show you a new slew of lessons. They are all dedicated to webdevelopment with no-BS tools.