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Hey there, fellow front-end developer

Do you struggle to visually piece together the HTML, CSS and JavaScript required to develop interactive UIs?

Especially forms. With their growing complexity, they are a drain on your precious time. Time, that you waste to make them work the way you want to.

How do you handle form submission, when you need AJAX to do what is actually the forms job? Does asynchronous validation get in your way, when you just want to check if that user already exists in the database?

The bad news: Forms are everywhere and you need to deal with them.

Be it filtering asynchronously loaded data with a range slider and dynamically rendering results, Combining and comparing filters, or wiring together a multi-step form.

Your form is the interaction layer between your users and your server, and you need to figure out how to make them work together.

This is your job as front-end developer. However, you can learn how to use HTTP, DOM, eventhandling and submission to your advantage.

This is a tough job, but you can master building complex form mechanisms without getting entangled in eventlisteners. You are not alone at least. Because I have been there. With my pointers to the inner workings of forms and step-by-step guides on how to make them communicate with your server, you will soon understand how to build dynamic forms and you don't even have to get stuck in glue code.

create interactive forms today

Do you need inspiration how to solve those tricky issues? Issues that when resolved once and for all, would ease a lot of daily user interface interaction.

Get on my list! You are invited to reply to any email with your important questions and get a hand-crafted reply with hands-on guides. You will learn how to solve your individual use-cases. Fill in your name below and get in touch today :) . It is about a nice conversation from developer to developer after all.

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