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Hey there fellow front-end developer

Do you struggle to visually piece together the HTML, CSS and JavaScript required to develop interactive UIs?

Do you find yourself pushing CSS to its limits to avoid wiring together another jQuery plugin to create parts of the web-app you desire?

Are you sick of learning proprietery mechanisms and idioms of frameworks, that you can't use in the real world anyway?

If you knew how to quickly create re-usable components from scratch, you could stop worrying how you are going to assemble your UI every time a new project pops up.

You would no longer wonder what part of the DOM API you need to learn, to produce first-class dynamic content. You could get started building your highly customized components today!

start building interactive UI

Let me be your no-BS guide to painless front-end development. On this website, you will discover plenty of resources to gain a new perspective on development.

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How do you build re-usable interactive webcomponents without wasting your precious time bending the DOM to your needs? Get my latest content about building front-end web-apps delivered directly to your inbox and get free code samples for all the components I create.

About Martin Muzatko

Hello! I'm a self-thaught front-end developer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Through years of learning different languages, software and architectures on my own, I'm here to show you that with the right mindset, you can learn anything you love to.

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